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  A group of professional Seamen, Captains, Ship Brokers and Ship Builders World Wide.


       Our main focus is finding and offering Landing Craft Utility vessels for use in commercial applications such as cargo hauling, vehicle transport and passenger ferry services but every once in a while we find a very "Sweet" Expedition Vessel, Ex Military Ship or Live Aboard Passage-Maker Yacht. These choice beauties will be featured for The Adventurous Seafarers in our Specialty Vessel Section of the web site. Stop by once in a while and see what seaworthy ships for sale are featured here. Nothing is too "Wild" for this section!


  We recognize the increasing need for a consummate source to find Landing Crafts and other specialty vessels for sale.


  We have sources in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, Canada and the Far East.


  When you see a vessel on our web site that interests you, there will be an easy contact form for you to fill out. Please fill it out completely so we know who you are, where you are, how to contact you and what you are interested in. We get many spam responses and we need to filter them out so please give us correct and full information so we don't waste your time or ours. We will get back to you usually within hours but it may be a bit more or much less.


So what?

  We are here to assist you in finding a vessel that suits your needs. We savvy the characteristics of vessels are as different as the Sea conditions in what ever part of the world you plan to sail. We will do our best to offer vessels that are both skookum and meet the needs and conditions of your intended voyages.